Surf Club III


Mosquito Control from MSOA

To:  All Matanzas Shores Residents

Mosquito Control will be spraying this evening with a focus on the WWTP.  They will have access.  We learned that we now have within Washington Oaks an infestation of Salt Marsh Mosquitos. Spraying within the park was halted due to regulation but once this is worked out spraying by air will continue.

Robert, our agent for mosquito control, is putting in a work order to address problems on San Pedro.

He has been called to Beach Haven after receiving thirty-four complaints.

The Mosquito Control Commission agents have been very helpful, informative and cooperative.

Thank you, Chris, for being our first point of contact.


Matanzas Shores Owners Association, Inc.

Board of Directors

Posted : Monday, October 16, 2017
Notice of Board Meeting Oct 16th

NOTICE of a Board of Administrators meeting of the Surf Club III Condominium Association, Inc. (A Florida not-for-profit corporation). October 16, 2017 at 3:30 PM in the MPR
1.    Call to Order by the Presiding Officer
2.    Statement of a quorum.
3.    Confirmation by the presiding officer that the association complied with the notice requirements
4.    for this meeting.
5.    Norman Insurance Agent – Q&A Leak claims
6.    Acceptance of Board Member Resignation
7.    Board Discussion of Scope of Work for leak repairs
8.    J B Painting Proposal for repairs for 22, 23 and 24 stack
9.    General Maintenance and Cleanliness
10.    Adjourn

Posted : Friday, October 13, 2017
A Message From Bill Strawn regarding the Water Intrusion Investigation and Painting of the Building

Now that the weather has cleared, the investigation into the water intrusion issues and painting of the east side of the building has resumed in earnest. There are two crews at work on the building. One crew of water intrusion investigators and the other is the painting crew.

Once an area has been investigated and cleared of intrusion issues, the painting of that area will proceed.

Because the investigators are meticulously looking at every inch of a stack, the pressure washing and painting will take much longer than a normal “paint job”. Currently unknown repairs and weather delays make it impossible for us to provide you with a ball park timeline for when work will begin on your stack.

We have asked JB Painting to give us as long a lead time as they can so we can notify you before work is to begin on your stack but it may be as short as a one or two days notice.

The primary focus of the investigation thus far has been on the south end of the building and the 24 stack. This inspection is still in progress and we anticipate it will be take about another week to complete. Once the cause of the intrusion into the 24 stack is determined and a comprehensive plan for repairs has been developed and implemented, the crews will paint and move on to the next stack.

In addition to the ongoing 24 stack investigation, a water proofing expert will be rappelling over the side of the building to inspect the areas of other reported intrusions in all the other stacks. This will begin on Thursday Oct 12th and may continue into Friday.

We are determined to find each cause of the water intrusion into the units and fix the problems so it does not happened again no matter how long it takes or how much the cost.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Cell: 352-359-0300 or email

Bill Strawn, President

Surf Club III Board of Administrators

Posted : Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Elevator Closings This Week


Tuesday – Oct 10th

12:30 – 3PM

To remove water from the pits

North Elevator will be available for your use on Tuesday while Center Elevator is down.


Wednesday – Oct 11th

12:30 – 3PM
To remove water from the pits

Center Elevator will be available for your use on Wednesday while North Elevator is down.

 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

 The Surf Club III Maintenance Committee and Staff are working on viable options to solve the issue of water in the pits.  

The South Elevator remains out of order due to ongoing water seeping into the pit. 

Posted : Monday, October 9, 2017
Garage Storage Lockers

FYI - In case you have not had a chance to check your storage locker...several owners have reported finding an inch or so of standing water trapped in the bottom of their lockers in the garage.

Posted : Thursday, October 5, 2017
Center and North Elevator are working

The South Elevator remains closed due to water seeping into the pit. 

Posted : Thursday, October 5, 2017
Dangerous Wildlife Warning - Alligator

All communities of Matanzas Shores,

Please do not go near the lake banks, especially with pets!  An alligator approximately 5 ft in length has been spotted on the east bank of the Surf Club lake.  Fish and Wildlife has been called to have it removed.

Thank you,

Brit Masters

Matanzas Shores Owners Association, Inc.

110 East Collector Road

Palm Coast, FL 32137

386-445-7443 (phone)

386-447-5457 (fax)


Posted : Thursday, October 5, 2017
Painting of Building on Saturdays

JB Painting has advised their crews will be working 4-8 hours on Saturdays to paint.
There should be no pressure washing.
They will not work on Sundays

Posted : Friday, September 29, 2017
Pool and Spa Closed October 3rd- 6th

Pool and Spa Closed

October 3rd-6th

 Power and Gas for the Grills are off

Re: Installation of electric panels at the pool

For Health and  Safety reasons, Do Not Enter POOL OR SPA.  

Posted : Friday, September 29, 2017
Pool will remain closed until Sunday October 1st

The pool refill is taking longer than anticipated. The Spa, Grills, Bathrooms and Deck will be available for use during this time. 

Posted : Friday, September 29, 2017
Elevator and Lift Station shut down - clarification

Tuesday October 3rd the Elevators and Lift Station will be down all day while Shepherd Electric installs a new transfer switch for the emergency generator. In order for them to work on the electric for this switch, the regular and emergency power source for the elevators and lift station must remain off.

Therefore, the elevators will be stopped and locked at 8:55 AM so that when FP&L cuts the power to the building, no one is trapped inside an elevator. Shepherd Electric is hoping to be able to turn back on the power by 5 PM, but there are no guarantees. It could be later than 5.

We are asking our residents to severely limit their use of water for washing, bathing and flushing from 8 AM - 5 PM so that the lift station does not overflow and back up into the garage.

Also on October 3rd FP&L will be shutting down power to the building units for approximately 4 hours so that an electric panel can be installed at the pool. Some units may not lose power, so don't be concerned if your power remains on. Power to the units should come back on around 1 PM, however, the elevators and lift station will remain off line until the completion of the install of the emergency generator transfer switch.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about the events of October 3rd. 

Posted : Friday, September 29, 2017
What is a unit stack?

 The 01 Stack is units

The 02 Stack is units

The 03 Stack is units

The 04 Stack is units, etc

































I heard from a couple of folks that were confused as to when their unit would be affected by the painting crew only to realize they were unfamiliar with the term "unit stack" and therefore could not figure out my messages or postings regarding who needed to bring in balcony and patio furniture and open their shutters.

I hope this helps.  Sharon

Posted : Thursday, September 28, 2017


Posted : Thursday, September 28, 2017
Building paining and Power Shut off

Painting of the East side of the building. 

Painting of the East side of the building could take until mid-to late December to complete, depending on the amount of delays caused by the weather. 

We will provide notice via email as soon as we know when JB Painting is planning to start on your unit’s stack and post the schedule in the elevators and mails rooms as soon as we have it. 

Reminder: Balcony furniture must be brought in and storm shutters put up for the pressure washing and painting of your balcony ceilings and walls. It would be best to remove your furniture from your balcony and raise your shutters as soon as you can if you are not going to be in residence , or are not close enough to drive over to to do so, between now and January 1st as we may only receive a 2-3 day notice for when the painters will  begin on to your stack. The Association does charge you a fee, based on the amount of furniture to be brought in, should Staff be compelled to remove your furniture for you.

JB Painting has asked us to remind you to stay off of your balconies and patios while they are working on your unit’s stack as the swing stage lines can snap or tools can be dropped and you could be injured.

Power shut off, Elevators and Lift Station Affected.

Tuesday October 3rd, the building power will be shut down for approximately four hours while electric panels are installed at the Pool. Some units may not be affected by the shut down so if your power does not go out, please don’t be concerned.

 In addition, Tuesday October 3rd, the elevators and lift station will be down for most of the day while a new transfer switch is installed for the emergency generator. 

We ask that you limit the use of water between 8 AM and 5 PM on Tuesday October the 3rd so the lift station does not overflow and back up into the garage. 

Posted : Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Updated Pool Closure Notice

Pool and Spa Closed Noon Tuesday 9-26-17 to Noon Saturday 9-30-17 for acid wash of pool and spa interior surfaces.

The Grills, Pavilion, and  Bathrooms, plus a small sunbathing area on the Deck, will be open for use.

There are 2 other pools available for use. At the Sports Club at Lakeside across highway A1A by the tennis and shuffle board courts, and at the Beach Club.

Posted : Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Three (3) Notices - Inspections, Pool Closing and Power Interruption

1)The Surf Club II and III Pool & Spa will be Closed at Noon Tuesday September 26th to Noon Saturday September 30th for refurbishment of the pool interior.

There are two (2) unheated pools available for your use. One at the Sports Club at Lakeside, directly across across highway A1A from Surf Club III in the Sports Complex with the tennis and shuffle board courts, and one at the Beach Club House by the main entrance gate.


2)Power to the Surf Club III building will be temporarily turned off Tuesday October 3rd from approximately 9 AM – 1 PM

Florida Power and Light will be shutting down power to the building so that electric panels can be installed at the Pool and Spa by Palmetto Electric.

We are advised that some units may not lose power, whereas others most certainly will. However, FP&L cannot tell us which units will be affected.


3)The State Mandated Annual individual unit Fire Safety inspection will be conducted Wednesday October 4th  Starting on the 8th Floor at 9:00 AM Until completed.


All units will need to be entered for inspection of sprinklers and sounders.


There will be a series of short alarm bursts to test the sounders in the stairwells and garage. Then the Fire Alarm Sounders will continuously blare two levels at a time until ALL units on those levels have been inspected by the technicians.



State Statutes require the Association to be in possession of a working key or code for your unit for routine maintenance, such as this inspection, or for emergency situations.


If you have guests or renters in your unit, please notify them about these events

Posted : Monday, September 25, 2017

Units 101 to 801, 212 to 812 and 213 to 813

Units 124 to 824 will begin on Wednesday 9-27-17

These units must bring in everything off their balconies and open storm shutters for pressure washing and painting of their walls and ceilings.

We will post the dates for the rest of the units as soon as they are provided by JB Painting. 

Posted : Friday, September 22, 2017
Garage Pressure Washing begins Monday 9-18-17


Posted : Saturday, September 16, 2017
Pool and Spa is Open as of 11 AM 9-16-17

The Grills, Spa and Pool are all open and ready for use. 


Posted : Saturday, September 16, 2017
MSOA uPDATE 9-15-17

  Beach Club clubhouse is open with electricity, internet and tv.
•    Beach Club pool is open however, some areas are roped off where roof tiles have fallen or are loose.  Please stay clear of these areas.
•    Rec Center pool is closed at this time.  It is being cleaned of debris and thereafter will be treated with chemicals. 
•    All other Rec Center amenities are available for use.
•    Walkovers (Beach Club and Surf Club III) did not sustain damage and are available for use.
•    The nature trail is covered with debris.  We expect to have a contractor available soon to clean this area.
•    Boat Club road is clear of debris and limbs, passable by walking or driving.
•    The boat dock is not accessible.  It sustained some damage.  We are in the process of accepting bids for repair.
•    Boat Club clubhouse is available for use.
•    WWTP is functioning normally, however, one blower is not running.   WWTP management is working to fix this. 
•    Gates are fully operational with guards on duty.  Awnings at both guard stations were damaged.  Contractor will remove these for repair as quickly as possible.
MSOA Management

Posted : Friday, September 15, 2017
Garage Parking Closed until Pressure Washing Completetd

The Parking Garage will remain closed to parking until pressure washing can be completed. At this time we do not have an estimated time for this task to be completed.

We will post notices on the building and website as well as send out an email when the garage is open for use.

If you have a vehicle in the garage, please remove it at your earliest convenience. 

Posted : Friday, September 15, 2017
Here is a report from MSOA Management to their Board FYI

Beach club roof shingles and some soffits    Beach club back doors somehow opened and were damaged    Some carriage lights on the tower were blown down.    One of the round windows is broken    The women’s room BR has a ceiling leak    Dune Walk over appears OK, SCIII walk over one board needs repair.
 Collector Road guard shack awnings ripped.    Rec Center pool overflowed and is dirty. Various puddles and downed branches around clubhouse. No damage to clubhouse that I can tell.    The tennis courts were flooded but water has receded pressure washing will be necessary
Boat club road and nature walk impassable. ProScapes has been sent out to clear.    Boat club building appears OK    Dock in bad shape. The walkway has dropped away. The left side portion has sunk and the right side portion has bent upward.

Posted : Thursday, September 14, 2017
September 14th message from Bill Strawn

September 14, 2017

Dear Fellow Surf Club III Owners:

Here is the latest information I have to share, but first I want to recognize and thank Vic Milewski and Walt Hooker for their commitment to keeping the Surf Club III website updated and sending out emails to the owners while the power and Internet was down at Surf Club III.

I initially thought Management’s plan of having “out of state” backup for communication in case of another hurricane seemed a bit of overkill since we already had back up with two owners here in Gainesville…until this storm knocked out power to nearly the entire state.

There was about a foot and a half of water in the garage, but it was rain water caused by wind blown rain coming through the east wall vents and the drainage system not being able to handle the 15 inches of water dumped in just a few hours. 

There was no damage to the major equipment in the garage, and minor wind damage to the building exit signs and lights. 

All of our Staff reported for work on Tuesday and have been methodically cleaning and repairing the building since.

I have authorized Dick Kirtley to pitch in for Kathy Green on landscape since The Greens evacuated and don’t not plan to return until this weekend. Thank you, Dick for once again volunteering to help out with landscape. Dick reports four of the new palm trees were blown down, however, Landcare Management will put them back up and will be here today or tomorrow to clear the debris from the landscape.

A few units had windblown rain under sliders or around the MB window. Some first floor units at the south end had more extensive water intrusion. Currently, the cause is unknown, but we are working on getting an expert here to investigate.

Staff checked all unoccupied units on the first floor for water intrusion.

Power is on, the lift station is working.  Cable and Internet are back on and building internet is working.

The north and center elevators are working. The south elevator once again has water in the pit and cannot be activated.

Parking in the garage will be temporarily blocked off so it can be pressure washed to clean the mud and debris brought in with the rain water.

We did lose a lot of beach sand, but the walkover appears to be undamaged. 

Staff plans to have the pool, spa and grills up and running by the weekend.

Flagler County officials have lifted the curfew throughout the county, and the beach side is now open to all – no check points.

We will post updates on the website and/or send group emails as we new information:

Posted : Thursday, September 14, 2017
9/13 6:30pm Update - Elevators and Internet

The north and central elevators are now working.  The south elevator still has water in the pit.

Spectrum is up so there is cable TV and Internet.  The Building Internet is expected to be up tomorrow.

Posted : Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Spectrum Internet up and running as of 4:30 PM 9-13-17

Building Internet will be hooked up tomorrow morning. You may need to reboot to re-establish service. 

Posted : Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Package Deliveries

All UPS, FedEx, and post office packages will be dropped in the office until elevators are working.

Posted : Wednesday, September 13, 2017
9/13 2pm Update - Elevators

The elevators have been tested and they are NOT working.  Otis is scheduled to make a service call in the next couple of days, but how long they are down will depend on what will need repair and if parts have to be ordered.  We will email and post to website when they are operating.  We are very sorry for the extreme inconvenience.

Bill Strawn

Posted : Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Latest on Irma 9/12 at 2:30pm

With power on the lift station is also working.  You are now able to bath, wash, and use your toilets.

As of now, the ETA for elevators is still unknown.  We will post an elevator update here once one of them has the pit pumped, any required repairs completed, and passes inspection.

The ocean side wall of the parking garage is available for parking.  The other areas will be temporarily blocked off so they may be cleaned.

Posted : Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Latest on Irma 9/12 at 11am

Power is on

Posted : Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Latest on Irma 9/12 at 9:30am

No Power

No Elevators

No Lift Station

1 1/2 feet of rain water in garage

Lake was up to A1A

Too much water for drain system

Posted : Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Update on Irma 9/11 at 2pm

Flagler County EOC News Releases – All updates down to “Watch for downed powerlines” are very important


Latest weather briefing from Flagler County EOC


Flagler Live

Posted : Monday, September 11, 2017
Latest on Irma 9/11 at 9:30am

From Jan Carr,

Still experiencing High Wind

Couple of trees down

Some water in garage (appears to be rain water)

No power - Emergency Generator cannot be started because of standing water

No elevator or lift station

Pool water looks nice and blue.

Posted : Monday, September 11, 2017
Mandatory Evacuation Order for Hammock/Marineland 7 AM

Flagler County orders mandatory evacuations September 8, 2017 – Flagler County has issued a mandatory evacuation order effective at 7am Saturday for the following areas: · Evacuation Zone A includes everything east of the Intracoastal including Marineland, Hammock, Flagler Beach along A1A.

Posted : Saturday, September 9, 2017
Emergency Power and Bridge Access


Sustained winds of 40 MPH may keep bridges closed for 24-48 hours

Our emergency generator can only run essential equipment for 24 hours after power is lost before it will need to be refueled.

If the bridges are closed, the fuel truck will not be able to deliver fuel.

Be advised, if you stay, when the power is lost to the building, our lift station, which pumps our waste water to the treatment plant, will only be able to run for one day before it stops pumping.

Without the lift station you may NOT flush your toilet, take a shower, or wash dishes. Otherwise the waste water can back up and overflow.

The elevators will not be running for at least a few days until they can be inspected and deemed safe to use.

Also, keep this in mind before you decide to return to Surf Club III.

If there is no power and no emergency generator after 24 hours from power loss:

There will be no lift station. Without the lift station you may NOT flush your toilet, take a shower, or wash dishes. Otherwise the waste water can back up and overflow.

The elevators will not be running for at least a few days until they can be inspected and deemed safe to use.

In the event we have no power and no emergency generator, the building could be declared uninhabitable by the county and everyone forced to leave.


Posted : Friday, September 8, 2017
Change of plan for parking Surf Club III Elevators


Friday 9-8-17 – Change of Notice
Due to a possible Mandatory Evacuation Order being issued, and Staff not being able to return to the building tomorrow, the North and South Elevators will be parked on an upper floor and shut down at 4 PM today.

An owner who is sheltering in place has a key to the Center Elevator which will remain open for use until wind conditions require it be parked for safety.

The elevators will not be reactivated until a post storm safety inspection has been conducted and they are deemed safe for use. 

Posted : Friday, September 8, 2017
Thursday Update - Hurricane Preparations

Dear Fellow Surf Club III Owners:

Whenever possible post hurricane updates will be provided via this website. Board member, Vic Milewski, and owner, Walt Hooker, have both volunteered to post updates in case the office is without power and cannot do so.

Thank you Vic and Walt.

If any of you are planning to shelter in place at Surf Club please email, call 386-447-9066 or stop by the office to let Sharon know so we can make a list for notification in case any urgent or emergency situations develop.

Sharon and Miguel plan to be on site until noon on Saturday. Staff and Board members will be on site to work on reparations as soon as authorities will allow after the storm has passed.

All the elevators will be parked on an upper floor and locked at noon Saturday. The elevators will only be reactivated when they have been inspected and deemed safe for use.

The Pool and Spa will be closed Friday so Staff can store the deck furniture and make hurricane preparations. The grills will remain open until 2PM Friday at which time the gas will be shut off and the pool gate chain locked.

The building Internet will be taken offline Friday at noon so the equipment located in the garage can be moved to higher ground until after the storm. It will be reinstalled as soon as conditions allow. This will not affect your Spectrum internet, cable or phone. Wifi service will still be available in the multipurpose room through our business Spectrum account. Click on Surf Club III, no password required.

Be safe whether you are traveling or hunkering down.


Bill Strawn

President, Surf Club III Board of Administrators

Posted : Thursday, September 7, 2017
Flagler County Emergency information

NOTE:  All links will open in a new browser window.


Flagler County News Releases

Flagler County Emergency Management

Flagler County Hurricane Irma Updates

Florida Evacuation Zones  (Surf Club is in Flager County Zone A)


Florida road conditions and more


NOAA National Hurricane Center

Jacksosnville NWS Forecast

The Weather Channel

Matanzas River


Videos posted to YouTube

Flagler Beach web camera

Search for Flagler County web cameras

NEWS (in no particular order)







         1550 AM
         106.3 FM

         WKIX  98.7 FM

         Flagler Radio App worldwide


If you have pictures you'd like to post, feel free to use this link:

If you have videos you'd like to post, is a great place.  Please include SurfClubIII and Irma in your titles to make it easier to search for them.  Thanks!

Posted : Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Approved Replacement Windows information

Please see attachement

Attachment : View Attachment
Posted : Friday, April 1, 2016
10% Discount for Marineland

Marineland Dolphin Adventure is now offering a 10% discount to Surf Club residents and guests.
This discount applies to ONLINE registration ONLY for any of their programs or
general admission. 

Simply utilize the web address below and follow the instructions provided to book your programs! Please note
this discount is only available when purchasing tickets online via the link prior
to arrival
; it is not available at the gate. 

To make reservations:

*       Go to

*       Click on the button in the upper right
corner that says "Marineland 10% discount."

*       Set up an account or log in. You will
need to register the first time you use this

*       Select your date

*       Select your program(s)/general admission
- please note that general admission is included with all programs purchased

*       Select timeframe (General admission is
listed as occurring at 9:00 a.m. but is in fact available at any point during
our hours of operation - 9:00 - 4:30 daily)

*       Select number of guests

*       Complete your purchase from the cart,
including entering participant information

On the day of your programs, please be certain to arrive on property a full 30 minutes before your
programs are scheduled to begin.  That leaves enough time to check in, fill out waivers, etc.  Everyone in a program must have a waiver signed before participating.  All minors must have their waivers signed by a parent or guardian.  If there are any minors scheduled to arrive without their parents, I can provide a copy of the waiver to be completed and
signed and then simply brought with you on the day of the programs.

Lots of professional pictures will be taken of everyone in programs which you may wish to purchase
on your way out.

If participating in the Discover Dolphins or Immersion programs, please bring your bathing suits and

There is a strict NO REFUND policy, so check with Joan Whittemore, contact information below, before booking your special event or dolphin adventure.

Have fun!!

Let me know if you have any other questions!!

Joan Whittemore

Sales Manager

Marineland Dolphin Adventure

904-471-1111 Ext 128

Posted : Thursday, April 3, 2014
Certificate of Insurance




If you require a certificate for any type of insurance, please have the letter in front of you when you call, or you may fax or email the letter to the Norman Insurance Advisors.

Phone: 904-819-5949

Fax: 904-819-5951

Posted : Tuesday, June 12, 2012